Friday, July 23, 2010

Tri-ing for life...

My daughter has a bit of an attitude at times. I love this girl to pieces and sometimes I feel like I'm looking in the mirror when she gives me a bit of "lip." She is smart, independent and witty. She likes it her way and loves to be in charge in anything and everything she does. The other day I asked her if she wanted to go hiking with me to which she replied; "mom, why do you always want to go on adventures?" I said; "Abbi, I thought that you liked to go on adventures." Then she said; "no, mom I like animals." This last comment cracked me up! We all want to be different from others and will not let someone else tell us what we like and don't like. So it is with my precious five year old.

I will never push my kids to do what they don't want to do (household chores, homework, being kind to other etc. are not included). If they are not passionate about the same things that their parents are then that's totally fine by me. In fact, shortly after the "I like animals" comment. Abbi informed me that she doesn't want to be a "triathlon girl" when she grows up. I told her I would love her no matter what she does. My only requirement for my children is that they at least try. Not, try a triathlon but try and do their best in life. Try and find what they are passionate about. Try and be a better person. Try and learn. Try and be kind to everyone (even if they are not deserving). I want them to be happy, happy in trying to find out what makes them happy.

I have learned a lot this year about trying. I believe that you have to "put yourself out there." You have to to be brave and try new things, meet new people and push yourself to try the things that make you uncomfortable. Not everything will turn out how you envision it but hey at least you tried. I have to lead by example with my kids and others. I just recently found out that I won a $1500 scholarship from my work. If I didn't take the steps to complete the application, get a letter of recommend or walk the package to the mailbox I would have never known if I would have won or not. Another thing that I "tried" was that I submitted an article to a local running/triathlon magazine. I had it published and won a helmet! In school we have to present in front of the class all the time. I hate it. I can talk your ear off if we are one-on-one but put me in front of the class and I'm a nervous wreck! I make myself uncomfortable; get up there and try. We cannot sit back and let life happen all around us. We must become participants. There is so much to see, do and try lets not sit idle. Whether you win a helmet or not you'll never know unless you muster up the courage to put in a little effort and TRY!

As a mother, of course I want what I think is best for them but lets face it, they are the decision makers in their lives. They get to choose what they want to do, be, become and try. It is true when they say "your children are not of you, they come through you." They are a gifts from God. I am only a sign in the road that they can choose to follow or not. They can and will make their own path in life. They are in charge of their own destiny. My only requirement is that they are happy and at least try.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life is precious...

Life is without a doubt, precious. It seems like we take it for granted and think that we will be here forever. We often tell ourselves; "tomorrow I will do this or that, next year I will do this/that, five years from now I will be here/there." This is just not the case. You must live for today. I was reminded of this on Wednesday.

Brenda and I set out for our usual Suncrest hill climb at 6:15. Yes, we are definitely early birds! We try to make it to the top of suncrest before the sun peaks over. As we got to the top we saw a fire engine and ambulance heading down. We didn't think much about it and continued our ride down the backside and into beautiful Alpine. We came back up the backside and zoomed down Traverse and back into Draper. What a perfect and great ride...for us. Little did we know that it was a nightmare ride for a group of women cyclists who were involved in a horrific accident involving two vehicles. Ten cyclists were involved, 3 suffering minor injuries and one left fighting for her life.

The next day we found out that this 29 year-old mother of two had passed away. Ever since then I cannot get her or her family out of my thoughts. I have prayed for them and still I cannot believe it is real. I do not know this woman but know of her family. I cannot imagine the pain they must be feeling over this loss. It happened on a road that I travel daily; by car, foot and bike. Such a tragic loss for the family, town and entire cycling community.

I think of this woman and how much we have in common. She is a mother who like me most likely had plans to take her kids to the park that day, thoughts about what to make for dinner, projects that needed to be done around the house and what her hopes and dreams were for the future. Her time here was cut short. I pray that her family will be comforted and God will help them through this. I still cannot begin to understand why? Why? Why did this happen? Our mortal minds cannot understand God's reasoning.

As I write this, my son is just waking up for the day. He is curled in my lap with his "Tow-mater" underwear on, head on my chest and blankie held tight. i take moments like these for granted. Never thinking that they could be the last. It makes me think of what is most important in my life and of the people I hold dear. The thought crossed my mind that I should stop cycling. I don't ever want fear to dictate my life. Sure, you need to be careful, cautious and mindful. I'm sure this young mother was all of those. I think she would want others to continue enjoying life and doing the things you enjoy.

Live each moment as if it was your last, love like you've never been hurt and dance like nobody's watching.

When its my time to go, I want to be completely exhausted. Having given it my all in everything. Living to my fullest potential and loving with all my heart.

So, to my family if you don't already know; I love you with all of my heart here, now and always. You are my reason for being. My desire for you is to live your life to your fullest potential and give it all in everything you do. Love and do kind things for others and never take a day for granted. Each day is a gift. Life is precious.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sandy Classic fourth of July 10k

I just love the month of July. Hot, hot, hot and coupled with our wet spring everything is very green. Its also not surprising that race season is officially in full swing. We have several more races to do and have begun to think of the races we'd like to do in 2011. I try and not get ahead of myself and enjoy the moment but it's fun to think to the future and all the exciting stuff to come. With that, I'm having some confusion. I am a triathlete now but am drawn towards my bike these days. Of course, i should be on my bike at least 3 times per week with my 206 Logan to Jackson ride coming up in September but I'm finding myself drawn to do more tri's than cycling races. Its a matter of what my mind says I "should" do and what my "heart" say I want to do. I should enter the Porcupine Hill climb for next weekend but I'm wanting to do the Echo tri. I think I will do the hill climb (cheaper, closer, shorter) but I can't help to think how much fun Echo would be. Geez, the problems I have! I am just so happy to be able to have these choices. On another note; my mom and I did the Fourth of July road race yesterday (July 3rd) and once again I was the fourth woman overall. This is the 3rd year that I've done it and I end up in fourth every time! Maybe there's secret meaning fourth and fourth of July? Anyways, I held onto third for a long time and was so close to passing the gal in second. She stayed steady and I could not catch her. Out the corner of my eye "long-legged lareux" glides past me and the second place gal. She took second, bummped her into third and left me for fourth. My time 47.27. Not bad and definitely room for improvement. I'll be back next year! I love this race because you get to start out your Fourth of July day with the color guard and the singing of our national anthem. I cry every time knowing that I live in the best country in the world and have the freedom to pursue anything I wish. God Bless America!