Thursday, November 12, 2009

Off seaon...

Yes, we are still here and still training. We have entered the off season, so plans are less structured. I will begin cycle camp on Monday. This program will take me to a new level on the bike. I am way excited. I have been running 3 days per week, swimming 2 times and weights 1-2 times. Its nice to do "what feels good," without a rigid-mapped-out plan.

Justin is healing well and has been kicking butt in the pool and on the spin bike. He just ordered a bike trainer (to use during Sunday football). He plans to ride for 2+hours on it each Sunday!

We have registered for Boise 70.3! That will be in June 2010- stay tuned for that crazy adventure.

Happy off season,


P.S. We have earned our right to eat all the turkey and holiday goodies- this is the best thing about being a triathlete. I love food!