Sunday, December 26, 2010

We're back!

Well, I have carbo-loaded enough to get me through 20 Ironmans.  I have just loved these past few months to relax, no pressure to wake up before 7 to get a swimbikerun in and just plain enjoy life!  I do have to say though that when you go from training for hours a day to an easy 45 minute run it just makes you feel like such a slacker.  You know what I mean...right?   All the articles that I read about off-season training say to "mix it up, try something new."  So I have tried eggnog with sprite, pizza for 4 days straight and who can consume the most Hershey kisses contest.  Oh, wait.  I think they mean try something different with training.  I really wanted to get into yoga and weight lifting but man I just can't seem to get myself to enjoy those things.  I would much rather be swimbikerunning.  I did try pilates and was sore for a week!  Which in turn I was unable to do the other things that I really enjoy.  Boring me!

With the new year upon us I get so giddy.  I love to set new goals, plan out my race season and make resolutions to stop spending/eating/drinking etc.  I almost like it more than Christmas....almost.  I have updated our race season plan and while Justin with be doing St. George Ironman in May I have decided to take a different route.  This fall I went mountain biking with some girlfriends and had a complete blast.  My bike is over a decade old and has seen many miles and weighs as much as my dog Charley (105 pounds) so it is time to put her to rest and get a new one.  I can still climb fairly well but the decent feels like a massage chair gone awry.  I feel like my brain is going to be shaken out of my skull!  I need better shocks, gadgets, seat, tires and pretty much a whole new ride.  With that in mind; what better way to break it in than by doing an Xterra triathlon?  It is time to get off the road and onto the dirt; biking and running.    Sure I will still compete in a few road triathlons but my biggie next year will be Xterra in September.  I soooo wanted to do an Ironman triathlon but seeing the amount of time Justin has put into training already has me a bit concerned as to how I would be able to fit it in.  My new plan would be to do an Ironman 2012.  That's when i will be done with graduate school and my kids will be a bit older. 

Training for an Ironman should be at a time where you can give it your all.  It's a huge commitment and I just don't want to do it half-assed.  I also don't want to take away from school and my small kids.  I feel like I'm making excuses but my friend Jodee has taught me how to say "no" to things and helped me realize that you can have it all, just not all at once.  So I am pacing myself and enjoying the journey.

Happy New Year!

Thanksgiving in California with Jenn.  Double rainbow!



Kids playing in the snow

New goal!