Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year! We are back!

Michelle says...

Ahhhh....the holidays are over and that means that we are half way to summer and racing! Well in my book anyways. I love the holidays and we had a great time enjoying family, friends and of course eating and drinking to our hearts content. I love to eat. Its good that I also love to train or this blogger would be a blobber! So your wondering how cycle camp is going? Let me tell you I'm in love! We have been at it for 7 weeks (one week off on Christmas week). I never thought it would be so much fun. I have met some great people; triathletes adn crazy LOToJA freaks. Its amazing how much more respect I have for the bike. Lets just see if it pays off in races. I go 4 times/week for 1 to 1.5 hour sessions. We work on cadence, strenghth and speed all within prescribed heart rate zones. I was asked to join Team Revolution Cafe Rio by a fellow classmate. Now this is not a fancy sponsership or anything like that but more like a fancy club. I have to pay to join and buy one of their jerseys. I think it would be fun to get to know a few women who I could ride with this spring and summer. If you participate in 10 events you get like a $20 Cafe Rio card---so you see its not like I'm making anything here. It does sound pretty cool though. My running has sloughed off a bit and I get in at least 2 per week. Of course swimming is delightful and I could do it everyday but 2 times seems to be working out okay. Its all about the bike right now. If I get better on the bike I will have more energy for the run and so on...Once we are 12 weeks out from Boise 70.3 we will begin tracking our daily training.

On other news...we decided not to sign up for an Ironman this year (pending a destination wedding, school and the fact that we'd both be training for it). We just can't commit this year. So it looks like Ironman St. George 2011 will be our goal...unless we get a wild hair/spandex string up our butts and decide to suck it up and go for Ironman Vineman in Sonoma. I'll keep you posted of course...

Happy end of winter summer coming soon training,


PS-Justin has turned into a crazy man with regards to food. He's reading the Abs diet book, cooking great food, and shopping wisely! I love it because I hate to cook. He's on a mission to get a six-pack! Good luck Babes-