Saturday, August 6, 2011

Not tri-ing!

Summer is disappearing right before my eyes!  The kids head back to school in three weeks, I begin my internship and life resumes as "normal."  I am embarrassed to say that I have not done one triathlon!  We have been on some long and crazy vacations which has put us out of town for most of July.  Needless to say, we have missed some of our favorite tri's; Daybreak, Herriman, Scoffield and Echo.  Shame on us!  Why can't we have our cake (vacation) and eat it too (triathlon)?!   Last year we had a race every weekend and this year we have fallen off the wagon...err racing circuit.

Here is what we have been doing...

Celebrating our freedoms and great nation by visiting Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. over the Fourth of July.
We have some family that moved to Maryland two years ago and we miss them terribly! So we decided to pay them a visit. We spent a week sight-seeing, playing, hiking,eating crab and racing. Did I just say racing? Yeah, I did. Ever heard of an 8k? Me either. Well, it's a 4.97 mile race and we had the opportunity to do one in Leesburg Virginia. It was called the Run for Freedom 8k and it was scenic, humid and a blast to complete. We usually kick off the Fourth weekend by running the Sandy City Independence 10k so this race took its place. One thing we noticed about "east coasters" is that they are VERY patriotic. Before the race began they played the National Anthem and there was not a sound amongst the crowd. It gives me chills remembering this. These people were so close to the 9-11 tragedy and were greatly affected with the aftermath I'm sure. They spent a moment in somber silence as we listened to the anthem.

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
Hershey Chocolate factory.  This would may not fit in your tri top!

Kids 200 meter dash in Leesburg

8k completion!  Justin took 2nd age group and Michelle 3rd!

Justin eating crab for the first time.  YUMMY!
Onto the West coast....

After our week at home from Maryland we traveled to Newport Oregon with Justin's family the following week.  We had rented a condo on the beach and planned to spend time visiting light houses, beaches and of course tide pools.  Besides the 15 hour drive it takes to get there, Oregon is a beautiful place.  We stayed in Bend Oregon for a night before heading to Newport.  I LOVE bend!  This place is amazing.  It is small (but big enough), clean and beautiful.  The town is made for the outdoor enthusiast.  Everywhere you look there is a bike, kayak or trail.  Bike lanes, mountain bike trails, paddle boarding, kayaking and hiking is what this town is all about.  The Deshutes river flows through the town and makes it green.  Trees are everywhere yet you can still see landmarks (unlike the East Coast where you have no idea where you are).  You can see Mount Hood, Washington, Jefferson, Three Sisters, Mount Bachelor and Three Fingered Jack from the top of Pilot Butte (an extinct volcano).  Sooooo coool!  I think I will move here ;-)!
On top of Pilot Butte with the amazing views of the surrounding peaks

Overlooking the Deshutes River in Bend
We got into Newport the next day and lost about 20 degrees in heat.  Burrr... put your jacket on.  It was cool and misty yet green and gorgeous.  Now, I'm not a cold-weather person at all and consider myself a desert rat.  The hotter the better!  My expectations for the weather were very low.  I expected  it to rain most of the time.  To my surprise it was sunny most of the days we were there.  We went to the beach,  played in the sand, saw some whales, visited an aquarium, tide pools, flew a kite and Justin and his nephews braved the frigid ocean waves.  We had a great time with our family and took in all the sights.  We explored light houses, small beach towns, Tillamock Cheese Factory, Rogue Brewery and even crabbed for the first time.  Justin and I took our bikes out for a ride on the Pacific Coast Highway with ocean views and cool breezes.  We met a couple who were riding down the coast to the California boarder.  They were from Moab and their son (who rode his bike across country: Virginia to California) was supporting them.  We saw other riders doing the same trek.  Some were taking the PCH to the boarder of Mexico!  They had saddle bags and maps.  Many camped at the beach or bunked in homes with other cyclists.  What an adventure for these folks. 

Overlooking the ocean at Newport Coast
Visiting some tide pools

Nap time in the sand...

Justin and the boys braving the cold ocean water

Kite flying but I think this counts as cross-training

Whale watching and light house viewing
So, even though we've missed out on some fun races we enjoyed our time vacationing.  We are ready to get back at it.  When you go for a week without a hard swim, hilly bike or and interval run you CRAVE to get back out there.  We have a burning desire to crush our next race but need to play catch-up on our training.  Sometimes taking a break is the best thing that you can do for yourself.  You'll come back hungry, ready and grateful for this tri-lifestyle.

Next race report....Utah Half (August 27)!