Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling guilty...

Five years ago today I was in painful labor with my first child. Fast forward to today (March 27, 2010) and I'm climbing Suncrest in my first EVER TT (timed trial). I was so nervous! Why I ask myself? I know how to race, I've Boston qualified, done a half-ironman and trail marathon, it can't be more nerve wracking than that...right? Being at a bike race has such a different atmosphere than running races and tri's. These people were so serious. They were warming up on their trainers in the parking lot, had all sorts of gear that they were stripping off and way to serious looks on their faces. Wasn't this supposed to be for fun? For underprivileged kids who needed bikes? Or was this a qualifier for the Tour de France? Lighten up people! Seriously! My warm up was around the parking lot (which actually cooled me way down with a little frost bite). Forget warming up! So I headed back to the truck and talked to the kids who were munching on Burger King french toast...YUM.

Then it was time to "tire" the line. Weird! Some dude was holding me upright while I clipped in and counted down to my official start time of 9:05 (just about the time 5 years ago when I was pushing). The hill climb was a lot harder than I expected and I got passed by 3 women and 1 pro man. I did pass 2 women so a net of 2 was okay by me. Justin and the kids kept cheering me on from the truck and where ever they could find a pull-out. As I climbed to 1300 feet I was starting to feel some pains..not the labor ones but pretty close. Then I started to feel guilty that I was doing a race on my baby girls 5th birthday. I should be at home making her pancakes and watching her biff it on her new roller skates. Then I had another thought....what better gift could I possibly give her than the gift of determination and courage. She can watch her mom literally "climb a mountain" with a smile on her face and know that she can too, one day, accomplish anything!

Happy Birthday Baby!

I love you,


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Icebreaker Tri...umm do you guys know how to ride a bike?

Frost on the ground.....Justin setting up transition
Happy times running

Second and third place finish...nice medals!

Today was our first triathlon of the 2010 season. It was FROSTY! We had such a blast doing it. Justin was smokin' fast. He had a decent swim, good bike and killed it on the run. He was the 4th fastest runner on the field of 230. The only thing separating him from the top guys was his bike split. Way to go babes!

Let me just say that I was disappointed in my total time because it was almost identical to my WOS time from last year. I was a bit faster on the swim and EXACTLY the same on the bike! What? Didn't I just spend $350 on a 4 month cycle camp?! Its so unnerving I mean what kind of R.O.I is that?! I've been beating myself up over that all day and decided to give up...just kidding. I am still going to make this a bike focus season. Let me just say about the run..ahhh it felt like warm apple pie. I was so at home with it. It felt soooo good.

What a great way to kick off the first official day of spring.

Justin 1.01.47 (second place age group and 8th overall)

Michelle 1.11.56 (Third place age group)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where to begin!

Here is a picture of our family at the Winter Running Series 10k. It was a little cold but we warmed up right away. Neither of us hit a PR but we were close to our last years times.

Wow! I feel like a blogger slacker. So much to say. First off, I am trying to redo our home page. I have some newer pictures I'd like to post from some road races we have done this winter. We have our first triathlon this Saturday! It's the Icebreaker sprint triathlon in American Fork. It should be OK weather. Definitely chilly in the morning. We are so excited to see how we are doing and if all this winter training and base building will pay off.

Stay tuned